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orit orbach is an international Clarinet Bass Clarinet Teacher.
She specializes in unique Clarinet playing techniques, as well as a veriaty
of music styles.
One of the styles Orit plays and teaches is the Klezmer Music.
Mrs. Orbach unfolds the secret techniques for playing the Hassidic Klezmer Music on the Clarinet and the Bass Clarinet.
Orit Has been playing the Klezmer Music for many years all over the world.
As a Klezmer band leader, a soloist with orchestras and a peformer in the most known festivals, Orit has accumulated a very wide repertoire, a vast varaiety of techniques as well as many arrangements for different ensembles.
I'm a title.

Orit Orbach playing a concert in Kyoto, Japan, with the Eve's Women on December 24, 2015

Orit Orbach -  Solo Clarinetist and Bass Clarinetist

The Oritas Duo

 Duo Clarinet and Piano, with Orit Dukler- Piano and Orit Orbach- Clarinet.

Jewish music with unique arrangements for young and adult audience

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